Monday, January 19, 2009

Bad day

It's Monday need I say more?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Everything I touch

or do or think about today has turned to crap! The whole morning started off with my 7 year old misbehaving, being punished then claiming that no one likes him. Ggggrrr.... downhill from there.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, Monday

wasn't that a song?

Why are Monday's typically so annoying? Maybe it's because 2 days in a week is not enough time to enjoy life. Maybe we're over tired from fitting all the fun stuff we'd love to be doing into 2 stinking days instead of 7.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A new day has dawned

and I'm still smoke free. YAY , I can do this. I am doing this!!!!

Now if I could just stop obsessing over looking for the perfect vacation condo! Does anyone else feel the need to look at vacation rentals for days, hours and weeks on end and still not be sure? Obviously if money was no object it would be simple but that's not the case. We're not dirt poor but I don't want to be stupid and blow money on a place just to spend 7 nights either.

Ho hum... I have so much work piled on my desk and yet here I sit wasting time.

OK back to the grind stone...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One of those days

I hate days that start out like this. Everything was normal. I got up on time even early and things were chugging along perfectly. Kids were dressed and ready without any antics. GREAT I think then BAM, Brooke who just turned 5 starts to talk back. I cannot stand a mouthy kid so I sternly tell her to stop it, she does it again a couple minutes later. I then take her face in my hand and sternly tell her that she is about to be in BIG trouble. She starts to cry. ACK! I get her to stop crying and then she wants to tell me something about school but starts crying again which breaks my heart. After calming her down she says that she always loses at matching games , never does she get any points. Man I hate for my kids to be upset like that it just breaks my heart.

So I go in search of our cards for matching games, can't find them. I'm ticked because my husband had them out over the holidays but never puts things up. I finally find some new cards and get them out. I lay them out for her and start her on the *game*. Well she's lousy at it because she doesn't concentrate and doesn't place the card in the right spot. I get irritated, then yell which makes me feel like crap AGAIN. UGH.... so I feel like I'm the worst mom ever today. I suck!

The drive to work was filled with idiots that I have NO clue how they ever managed to get a drivers licence. Today was one of those days it's a good thing I don't own a gun otherwise I'd be in jail.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ah... back to work

And I'm tired of it after only 2 days. I really can't complain since I have a great boss, coworkers are pretty nice for the most part and we're allowed to come and go as we please. Still there is something to be said about sitting on your butt all day instead of being at home. Oh well.... someone's got to do it right? might as well be me.

BTW - Peppermint and fudge is NOT a good idea. BARF....

Day 6 of the new year

Well I'm going to attempt a blog. Never done this before so this is trial and error. Be patient.

I decided a while back that I was going to stop smoking on Jan 1. So far I've been successful and it's now day 6 of being smoke free. I'm also trying my darnest to get into better shape. I've been exercising for the past 5 days and hope to continue.