Monday, August 23, 2010

The fun begins

Braedon will start playing football next week. He's excited but nervous.  Following in big brothers footsteps is sometimes a little hard. I don't have any experience with following a sibling through school or other life events so I'm not sure what the challenges and anxiety he faces.  I know he wants to be like Brent very much but he's also a very different person.  Brooke on the other hand is never nervous at all.  She takes life by the horns and runs with it.  I hope that in my parenting I can instill in all three of them a sense of self worth, self confidence and balance it all with being humble. 


I'm a bit rusty at this.

I'm back......

I will give this another try. I'm great at chatting via message boards , Facebook and IM but not so good at putting thoughts into a blog. I was reminded by a friend today that I had started this blog and don't even use it. LOL!